2) Mycoplasma in Pigeons by Racing Pigeon Laboratory Testing

Mycoplasma is a problem of the race season. It is what is called a primary erosive disease. Many vets agree that Mycoplasma by themselves do not cause disease and, in fact, in experiments in which healthy pigeons have been deliberately infected, the birds have not become sick. However, the organisms do superficial injury to the lining of the respiratory system, enabling secondary organisms, notably Chlamydia, bacteria (such as E. coli) and fungi (such as Aspergillus), to become established. Donal Barry

In this way, Mycoplasma, although not directly affecting health, has a big effect on race performance. Failure to control the problem in an affected team renders all attempts at success hopeless. Pigeons harbouring Mycoplasma organisms cannot achieve super health and are prevented from achieving top racing results. Mycoplasmas are primary pathogens of the respiratory system and the signs displayed by the birds depend on the part of the respiratory system affected. Pigeon Vet and Pigeon Veterinary