Pigeon Laboratory Diagnostic Services

Our Racing Pigeon laboratories are located just outside Dublin, with our highly professional and skilled team of laboratory technicians and clinical pathologist, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive and high quality diagnostic service

Our clinical laboratories, as well as providing a rapid in-house diagnostic service for our clinicians, also provide an external, fast friendly and highly accurate diagnostic service to veterinary practitioners and customers around Ireland, Northern Ireland and UK.

Our Services:

Diagnostic Laboratory Services: 

Testing Prices:

Other Services:

Our diagnostic services include in the testing of Racing Pigeons and other Avian birds

Hematology, Biochemistry & Cytology, Bacteriology & Mycology, Endocrinology, Morphological Pathology (Biopsies & Post Mortem Examination), Parasitology. Virology

Information for Racing Pigeon Fanciers

We pride ourselves on offering an exemplary service to our clients. The following will give you some information on that service.

For each case seen we will:

  • examine the Racing Pigeon samples results
  • establish an appropriate diagnostic and treatment plan
  • provide you with a guide of the costs involved
  • provide you with clear  instructions explaining the medications and any other therapies recommended
  • Our Avian Veterinary Surgeon will communicate with you were necessary

You will be asked to confirm that you:

  • accept the risks and possible outcomes of the chosen diagnostic tests and treatments
  • pay for all services provided before, during and after your animal has been discharged as requested
  • comply with our recommendations for home care and rechecks as far as is possible

We are here to serve our clients to the best of our abilities. If you have any questions or queries please call us.

 We carry out the following services:

  • Racing Pigeon Dropping and swab testing.
  • Racing Pigeon Culture test to ensure 100% accuracy.
  • Racing Pigeon Testing for Parasitology (worms and coccidiosis).
  • Racing Pigeon Crop analysis.
  • Racing Pigeon Bacteriology (Salmonellae-Coli and other bacteria).
  • Racing Pigeon Fungal analysis.
  • Racing Pigeon Blood analysis.
  • Racing Pigeon Virus testing.
  • Racing Pigeon Fertility treatment.

 Sensitivity Testing:

We conduct a  full  Racing Pigeon sensitivity test that ensures all medicines that are required are sensitive to the disease and not resistant.

Racing Pigeon resistance of some parasites to some of the more commonly used products has recently become prevalent. Many Racing Pigeon bacterial infections are becoming resistant to an increasing number of antibiotics. It is important to remember that resistance to antibiotics can make treatment of any further disease in the birds difficult. We therefore strongly recommend testing of any sick birds to allow appropriate treatment with sensitive medications, rather than blind treatment.

We recently conducted an extensive analysis report on over 30 commonly used tests. The reports showed that, on average, out of 15 different types of remedies that were tested to eradicate the disease,  50/80 % of the time, two thirds of the remedies were resistant . This is why it is so important to have a sensitivity test done .This will ensure that the correct diagnosis is made and proper treatment prescribed.

We also believe that antibiotics should not be used speculatively to treat non-specific clinical signs.  Systemic antibiotic therapy may not be necessary in all cases e.g. some mild and focal infections will respond to topical antimicrobials or antibiotics, especially if the underlying cause is managed. Bacterial culture and antibiotic sensitivity testing helps confirm the need for antimicrobial therapy and identifies the most appropriate drug. We also strive to use the lowest tier drug that is appropriate.

  • We offer a full Racing Pigeon report and advice on all tests carried out.
  • We offer a secure logon on facility to view reports and ask the veterinary surgeon  a question.
  • We offer advice on how to put a care plan together for the season.
  • We arrange collection and delivery any were in Ireland and the U K.

Diagnostic Laboratory Services

Our laboratories provide a high quality accredited and user friendly diagnostic service. We provide a wide range of laboratory investigations and clinical and scientific advice to assist in the diagnosis of disease and monitor treatment.

Our services include:  

  • Microbiology
  • Bacterial         
  • Parasitology
  • Virology
  • Mycology
  • Histopatholog
  • Clinical pathology
  • Haematology,
  • Biochemistry,
  • Microbiology

The Microbiology laboratory provides an expert service for monitoring and identifying microbial causes of disease. Utilising the latest in diagnostic technology and with highly experienced staff we provide a seven day a week service to assist in the diagnosis, management and prevention of a wide variety of bacteriological, parasitic, viral and mycological diseases.

The Microbiology Unit analyses over 30,000 samples each year. As well as biological material we test food and environmental samples, in order to provide a complete picture of the welfare of the bird. Independent advice and confidentiality, except in the case of notifiable diseases, are the cornerstones of the aftercare service that is provided by the team. Another important function of the Microbiology Unit is the monitoring of trends and disease patterns. Experienced staff provide a seven day a week service with the ability to help diagnose problems. Where threats arise, it is the duty of the Centre, voluntarily undertaken, to make the industry aware of the danger. Where there is a serious outbreak of disease, the Microbiology Unit works to isolate the causal agent and to assist in the management of the situation.



The Virology Unit is regarded as an important national asset and is the only OIE (World Organisation for Animal Health) reference laboratory in the Republic of Ireland.

The Virology Unit offers a comprehensive virology service. Veterinary surgeons avail of the diagnostic service and professional advice on the prevention and management of viral diseases.

Many of the virus disease investigations are carried out for the common good and are heavily dependent on subsidy. The Virology Unit is GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) and ISO17025 accredited.



The Pathology Unit provides a round the clock service to owners and veterinary surgeons. It provides post mortem, histopathological and other examinations required to determine immediate cause of death, to monitor patterns in disease incidence and to provide surveillance for the detection of exotic diseases.


Clinical Pathology

The Clinical Pathology Unit, through its Biochemistry and Haematology teams, provides a series of laboratory services that veterinary surgeons use to assist them in their clinical diagnosis and case management. The turnaround time for results is 24 hours.


Food and Feed Testing

The Microbiology Unit of the Centre provides a monitoring service of food for bacterias including Salmonella, Clostridia and Listeria.

A monitoring role is provided in the Irish National Residue Plan under EU legislation which is concerned with food safety. This laboratory testing is performed to tight deadlines with short turnaround times. Food safety testing is also carried out as part of a Food Safety Monitoring programme.

Advanced Racing pigeon laboratory testing prices  2020

Healthy pigeons make good breeders and racers

One team one goal making a difference

Check out the special offers on Vaccinations and Medications 


Test A (General Loft test)

Price €95 or £90 (Very popular test) 

The best and most popular test is the general loft test, which takes up to 8 days for a complete result and report. This is an in-depth general loft test. If you have a number of lofts, you can pool for and overall result. This is a general test, which, if not correct, can affect the pigeon’s performance dramatically. It is crucial to have the correct level of infection diagnosed if bird are infected.

Trichomonas (Internal & Crop Canker):Crop canker is responsible for only 10% of canker in birds. 90% of canker is internal and, to identify this organism, it takes up 9 days to identify a result. Here again, we test the level of positivity and, again, the correct program must be put in place in reducing the level of canker. We check for 26 types of canker including wet canker. Faecal sample, takes 9 days for a result

Cocci: We check for all types of parasitic eggs present by count in order to get the correct result

(Faecal 2-day sample sample)

Worm: We will identify all types of worms present by count (Faecal 2 day sample)

Salmonella / Paratyphoid Screen: Faecal samples taken over 4 days from different parts of the loft

Fungal Culture: Aspergillus etc. (Swab Test - rubbing cotton bud around nest boxes, walls and floors)

Yeast culture: Candidiasis fungus5-day test result(Faecal sample)

General Loft swab: Test culture random swab wipe

E coli test:  E-coli Levels 4 day test culture

Gut immune balance: This test will identify if your bird have a good immune system in fighting diseases. (Faecal sample) 4 day test culture

Antibiotic Sensitivity test: (Faecal sample) • Antibiotic Sensitivity test. 4-day test culture

Sensitivity test carried out will be tested against 15 different types of antibiotics to ensure that if an antibiotic is needed, the correct one is administered under prescription. (Faecal sample)


Test B (Basic loft test)

Price €55 or £50

Worm: We will identify all types of worms present by count in order to get the correct result

  1. We check for all types of parasites eggs present by count in order to get the correct result. A positive result alone is not a conclusive result. You must identify a specific count level. We have had levels to show positive 400eggs/gram and positive 140,000 eggs per/gram -two positives, two different treatments! (Faecal 2-day sample)

Trichomonas (Canker).

Crop canker is responsible for only 10% of canker in birds, 90% of canker is internal and, to identify this organism, it takes up 9 days to identify a result. Here again, we test the level of positivity and, again, the correct program must be put in place in reducing the level of canker. We check for 26 types of canker including wet canker. Faecal sample.


Test C (Virology)

Virology individual viruses test

  1. Adenovirus : Faeces Sample  (3 day turn around result ) Pricing €55 or £50
  2. Pigeon Circovirus: Oral / Tracheal Swab & Faeces Sample (3 day turn around result ) Pricing €55 or £50
  3. Pigeon Herpes virus : Oral / Tracheal Swab (3 day turn around result ) Pricing €55 or £50
  4. Chlamydia : Pooled faeces sample (Collected over 4 consecutive days) (3 day turn around result ) Pricing €55 or £50
  5. Rotavirus : Faeces Sample (3 day turn around result ) Pricing €55 or £50

Virology package, virus tests

  1. Pigeon herpes, Adenovirus and Circo virus : Oral / Tracheal Swab & Faeces Sample (3 day turn around result ) Pricing €95 or £90
  2. Pigeon herpes, Adenovirus , Circo virus and Chlamydia : Oral / Tracheal Swab & Faeces Sample (3 day turn around result ) Pricing €115  or £110

Please note the above tests are PCR tests and not shake testing. PCR test is the only method that will give 100% accurate results.

Test D (Respiratory)

Microbiology/ Test D: Respiratory

Microbiology/ Pathology/ Virology individual respiratory test

  1. Streptococcus bovis : (Swab x 2)  Pricing €40  or £35
  2. Streptococcus pneumoniae: (Swab x 2)   Pricing €40 or £35
  3. Mycobacterium, tuberculosis :(Swab x 2) Pricing €40 or £35
  4. Mycoplasma : (Swab x 2)  Pricing €40 or £35

Microbiology/ Pathology/ Virology package respiratory test

(Swab x 2)  Pooled faeces sample (Collected over four consecutive days) (3-day turn around result)

  1. Streptococcus bovis,
  2. Streptococcus pneumoniae
  3. Mycobacterium tuberculosis
  4. Mycoplasma
  5. Chlamydia                                                 Pricing € 95 or £90  

Test E. (Gut Flora Live Good Gut Bacteria)

Health starts in the gut. A good number of our clients were using this last season with great success

All our top performing clients were using the Natural Gut Solution

Advanced gut flora live good gut bacteria including gut immune balance laboratory test

Cost €80 to treat 70 birds 

Test F. (Nutrition)

Pigeon Nutrition testing on all birds. The appliance of Science. Cost €95 per loft

Test G. (DNA)

DNA-profile Prices 2016/2017

  • DNA-profile = €68 or £65
  • DNA-profile + gender: = €85 or £80
  • DNA-profile + LDHA gene: = €98 or £95


  • + DRD4 gen: = €85or £80
  • DNA-profile + LDHA + DRD4: = €130 or £125
  • LDHA (without DNA-profile certificate): = €68 or £65
  • DRD4 (without DNA-profile certificate): = €68 or £65
  • LDHA + DRD4 (without DNA-profile certificate): = €78 or £75
  • DNA-profile afterwards (after LDHA- and/or DRD4-test alone to create a certificate):€68 or £65

We supply a full range of vaccines and correct prescription medicines from our dispensary as a follow up if advised by the Vet Surgeon



Pigeon Diagnostic Laboratory Service

Healty racing pigeons make good racers and breeders.

Health starts in the Gut.

This New advanced natural live bacteria gut flora probiotic supplied by Racing pigeon laboratory is made up from the birds own good gut bacteria specific to your pigeons taken from your loft.

New advanced natural live gut flora probiotic solution specific to your pigeons prepared under Laboratory Licence has been tested on pigeons over the last 12 months with great success. Since first introduced to other competing animals over three years ago the success rate is phenomenal in their condition and performances.

It has now been approved for use on pigeons by the Department of Agriculture under Condition. This can only be obtained through Racing Pigeon Laboratory testing.

 info @racingpigeonlaboratorytesting.com

Health starts in the Gut. The best natural defence in the fight against Viruses and bacterial infection is to ensure that the gut immune system is strong and healthy.

Infection, stress and poor diet can disturb the balance between good and harmful bacteria in the gut flora. When the normal gut flora is disturbed, it is important to consume a source of good beneficial bacteria. Good Natural Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that can be introduced into the birds’ digestive system through the drinking water. Good Natural Probiotics can lower the amount of bad bacteria in the system by balancing the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria. Good bacteria can help move food through the gut and may also help in non-gut related problems. This New advanced natural gut flora probiotic used by Racing pigeon laboratory is made up from the birds own good bacteria specific to your pigeons taken from your loft. The natural probiotic is prepared under Laboratory Licence by growing large numbers of good bacteria and giving them back to your birds through the water over a period of 7 days. Contact us for more information on this amazing Natural Probiotic.

New advanced natural Gut Flora live good bacteria probiotic solution. €55 per 500 mils.

It will take 6 days to grow and prepare this live good bacteria in the laboratory and will treat up to 60 birds.

If you require further information on this amazing natural probiotic contact Donal Barry or email us and we will be happy to send further literature to you.

Healthy racing pigeons make good breeders and racers

Advanced Avian Laboratory Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic Laboratory Services

Our laboratories provide a high quality accredited and user friendly diagnostic service. We provide a wide range of laboratory investigations and clinical and scientific advice to assist in the diagnosis of disease and monitor treatment.

Our services include;  

  • Bacteriology   
  • Parasitology
  • Virology
  • Mycology
  • Histopathology
  • Clinical pathology
  • Haematology,
  • Biochemistry,

Pigeon Diagnostics. Racing and Show Pigeon laboratory Testing.  

Racing Pigeon Laboratory Testing provides comprehensive wellness, disease prevention, and sick bird disease diagnosis and testing for Racing pigeon breeders, Show Pigeon fanciers and Pigeon fanciers. 

The laboratory is reputed to deliver timely and valuable results needed for the care and maintenance of your racing pigeons.

Using a multidisciplinary approach, diagnostic testing services include necropsy, histology, cytology, parasitology, virology, molecular diagnostics, serology, clinical pathology, bacteriology, mycology, feed nutrition analysis and toxicology. 

Some infectious and non-infectious disease tests commonly performed include:

Trichomonas columbae (canker), candida (thrush), intestinal parasites (coccidia, hairworm and roundworm), Salmonella sp., Escherichia coli, Clostridium sp., pigeon herpesvirus, pigeon circovirus, pigeon adenovirus, pigeon paramyxovirus (PPMV-1), Chlamydophila psittaci, vitamin or mineral deficiency/toxicosis and husbandry-related issues. 

Complete laboratory testing service including full sensitivity testing to eradicate blind treatment.

We supply a full range of health products, vaccines and medicines from our dispensary.

DNA Screening -  Sex determination along with a DNA Identification test which will verify the parentage with the Sire & Dam

All our registered clients' information is protected under the Clients Protection of Information Act. All data will be held in the strictest of confidence and will not be shared with any third party.

Our offices and practice are located in Ireland and offer testing services to the whole of Ireland, Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom

We are fully licensed and regulated.

Registration is required for full access to this site

If you are having difficulty registering, please email us at info@racingpigeonlaboratorytesting.com , leave your details on our answering service and we will be happy to register for you.

Email us: info@racingpigeonlaboratorytesting.com

Racing pigeon laboratory testing is trading under Vet Pharmacy online Ltd, Certificate of Incorporation number: 533754.

Authorised Licence holder to sell an animal remedy designated route of sale under Licence No: LM/MH/052. Authorised Animal Remedies Wholesaler’s Licence No : WS/MH/014.

Licenced under the Department of Agriculture Food and Marine.