6 x 50 d Sal + 100ml Cocci & Wormer

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Salmonella Paratyphoid Vaccine 6 X 50 dose Vaccines including boosters. Vaccinate 150 birds + 100ml Cocci & 100 ml wormer to treat 150 birds --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Salmonella/ Paratyphoid disease causes so much sickness in pigeons from secondary related infections that it is regarded as ENEMY NUMBER 1 in the sport of Racing Pigeons. Salmonella is a highly contagious disease and can spread easily throughout the loft. To prevent this deadly disease and to develop loft herd immunity, all old birds must be vaccinated using a salmonella vaccine yearly as well as young birds. A booster vaccine is highly recommended. Diagnostic Studies show since the Salgen Salmonella vaccine has been introduced to racing pigeons in 2016, it has no doubt been an extremely effective Salmonella vaccine in the control of Salmonella in racing pigeons, with 80% of tests results showing excellent antibody levels in preventing the Salmonella disease taking hold.