Live Gut Probiotic

Health starts in the Gut

This New advanced natural live bacteria gut flora probiotic supplied by Racing pigeon laboratory is made up from the birds own good gut bacteria specific to your pigeons taken from your loft.

New advanced natural live gut flora probiotic solution specific to your pigeons prepared under Laboratory Licence has been tested on pigeons over the last 6 months with great success. Since first introduced to other competing animals over three year ago the success rate is phenomenal in their condition and performances.

It has now been approved for use on pigeons by the Department of Agriculture under Condition. This can only be obtained through Racing Pigeon Laboratory testing.

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Health starts in the Gut. The best natural defence in the fight against Viruses and bacterial infection is to ensure that the gut immune system is strong and healthy.

Infection, stress and poor diet can disturb the balance between good and harmful bacteria in the gut flora. When the normal gut flora is disturbed, it is important to consume a source of good beneficial bacteria. Good Natural Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that can be introduced into the birds’ digestive system through the drinking water. Good Natural Probiotics can lower the amount of bad bacteria in the system by balancing the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria. Good bacteria can help move food through the gut and may also help in non-gut related problems. This New advanced natural gut flora probiotic used by Racing pigeon laboratory is made up from the birds own good bacteria specific to your pigeons taken from your loft. The natural probiotic is prepared under Laboratory Licence by growing large numbers of good bacteria and giving them back to your birds through the water over a period of 7 days. Contact us for more information on this amazing Natural Probiotic.

New advanced natural Gut Flora live good bacteria probiotic solution. €65  per 500 mils.

It will take 6 days to grow and prepare this live good bacteria in the laboratory and will treat up to 60 birds.

If you require further information on this amazing natural probiotic contact Donal Barry or email us and we will be happy to send further literature to you.

Healthy racing pigeons make good breeders and racers