About Us

Our team offers a complete veterinary consultation and laboratory test to our clients.

We deliver the best veterinary consultation and laboratory service by learning everything we can about our clients and their Pigeons, such as their Birds performance over a period of time. We look for feeding habits, how the birds are exercising, how their temperament is, their feather quality and anything else unusual.  Our experienced and professional team collaborates in offering the most effective laboratory diagnostic results for the health of the Pigeon.

We encourage very strongly never to blind treat your birds as this will do more damage than good. We encourage you to have your birds tested first and have the veterinary surgeon decide on the best way forward. We encourage you to register your account and ask questions via the secure login section of the site. Here, you can request to speak one to one with a member of our team in a private consultation.

We are a very dedicated team with a great interest in racing pigeons.